Strategic Insights: a series of podcasts from our Chief Executive, Caroline Stockmann

I’m really excited, having just stepped out of my first studio recording session, to be launching this series of short weekly podcasts on 17 January.

Every week during 2020 a new strategic insights podcast will go live, each based on one of my most impactful learnings over the years, and I’ll be sharing them with our members via our website as well as more broadly. I’ll also be introducing interviews with a variety of guest speakers - so watch this space!

The driver for me for this series is that I feel we don’t allow ourselves enough time to look at our own personal development and don’t treat it as seriously as we do the technical stuff, when it’s just as important, if not more so. Trends such as those shown by our Business of Treasury research support the view that treasurers more and more want to focus on developing the ‘softer skills’, and I don’t think it’s efficient or engaging when you have to read 300 pages of a book to pick up a couple of good tips. A short 5-7 minute podcast that is straight to the point surely would be helpful?

Over the last few years I’ve been running a number of seminars to share more widely the best or most useful of my learnings, as both coach and coachee, and it seems to have been making a positive difference to others’ lives from the feedback received. So, I was sat having a cuppa with Diana Wilde (member of our Middle East advisory panel) in Dubai sometime in 2019, and she said: have you thought of doing any podcasts? There the seed was sown and I have to say it’s been a great experience, gathering my thoughts and looking hard at what might be the best strategic insights I can share with others. It’s prompted me to read and learn even more, to reflect on what I personally can bring to the party, and it’s been great to work on it with colleagues, including Louise Tatham who reviewed my draft scripts, and had both very helpful insights as well as giving me a needed boost in confidence at times. Thanks of course also go to our in-house lawyer, who is also a film and podcast producer, no less! - and Anne and the marketing team for getting this out there.

Over the next year I’ll be talking about authenticity, self-belief, non-exec roles, diversity and inclusion, using our strengths, interview techniques, visualisation, fear, motivation and leadership and followership, to name just a few topics. I’ll also introduce some useful tools, models and techniques.

Bookmark this page and visit every Friday for a new podcast, starting 17 January. I hope you’ll find the series has something that really speaks to you, that’s practical and that you can use in your daily life, to help you reach your goals and become the person you really want to be.


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