ACT conference sessions and webinars

ACT Webinars | 2022

ACT Annual Conference and International Treasury Week | June 2021

Roche’s intraday MT940 statements to achieve intraday transaction visibility

Simplifying multi-banking and payments for corporate treasury

Latest investment market updates

Treasury transformation: e-commerce models

Taking treasury to the next level: integrating payment systems and money movement

Changing treasury in the Middle East

ACT Annual Conference | October 2020

Corporate case study: Is it all about cutting costs? 

Why working capital gain wasn’t the first priority for Co-op

Managing liquidity in a low or negative rate environment

ISO 20022 payment format migration: A discussion on the most important benefits and considerations for corporates

Short-term cash forecasting under a crisis situation

ACT Middle East Treasury Summit | November 2020

Maintaining liquidity and meaningful cash forecasting in uncertain times

Unlocking liquidity through supply chain finance

Changing payment landscape: global themes and emerging regional payment systems

Preparing your payment systems for the future

ACT Working Capital Conference | January 2021

Beyond survival: bringing working capital management together


Is supply chain finance a force for good for all?


Managing credit risks in the new global market

ACT Festival of Treasury Transformation | July 2020

Bank connectivity utilising APIs and Open Finance

Negative interest rates

Treasurers as the target: tackling increased cyber risk and fraud

Shared service centres: is the future virtual?

The future of cash flow forecasting

A data science-led approach to cash forecasting: a case study 

ACT International Treasury Week | May 2020

A liquidity action plan for treasurers

A silver lining for Fintechs | Fixed-term Funds: a better alternative to term deposits


A silver lining for Fintechs | Commercial paper negotiation, issuance and resell

A silver lining for Fintechs | How Multinationals are Dealing with National Crisis Funding

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