ACT conference sessions and webinars

ACT Annual Conference and International Treasury Week | June 2021

LIBOR transition: a practical insight through corporate experience

Corporate view: SOFR-linked loans – the corporate treasury experience

The final countdown: regulatory insights into IBOR transition

ACT Annual Conference | October 2020

An update on the transition from LIBOR from the FCA, Deutsche Bank, HSBC and NatWest

LIBOR phaseout – how should investors prepare for the transition?

James Winterton speaks about the 7 Practical Steps that can help corporate treasurers with LIBOR Transition

SONIA & SOFR RCFs – a company journey


In conversation with US Fed and Bank of England – IBOR transition

ACT International Treasury Week | May 2020

An update on the transition from LIBOR


ACT Webinars

ACT Webinar Recording - IBOR Transition – how prepared are you in the current crisis? | 1 July 2020

NACT Webinar - The "Known Unknowns" in USD LIBOR Transition - and how are they to be resolved? | April 2021

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