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Webinar | Digital Growth in Treasury Services | National Bank of Fujairah | June 2022

Caroline Stockmann, ACT Chief Executive, participates in this panel discussion on how banks are capitalising on digitisation to elevate treasury service offerings. The more integrated technology is, the more transparency can be maintained in terms of real-time transaction tracking.

ACT Annual Conference and International Treasury Week | June 2021

Finding treasury enlightenment in tapped and untapped data.

Top strategies for preventing payments fraud.

The future economic system: crypto-assets and corporate treasury

How to successfully implement an open banking strategy

Machine learning: unlock the potential of your data 

Scaling up receivables forecasting with artificial intelligence at Danone North America.

Evolving towards a real-time treasury operation: considerations for treasurers.

Blockchain: the trust dilemma.

ISO 20022 payment format migration: important benefits and considerations for corporates.

ACT Middle East Treasury Summit | November 2020

Expediating the treasury of the future: What has been done?

Preparing your payment systems for the future.

Case study: building a treasury of the future.

Changing payment landscape: global themes and emerging regional payment systems.

Keynote Luncheon: Harnessing the Middle East’s Fintech potential in times of COVID-19.

ACT Annual Conference | October 2020

TMS technology corner.

SWIFT for corporates: The global treasury of the future.

Journey to automation: today and tomorrow.

Click and Connect to banks - Is this a pipe dream?

The tech-led way to mitigate FX risks: Automated FX risk management and hedge portfolio optimisation in practice.

Treasury technology: how to increase visibility and efficiency in risk management.

Accelerating the move to digital.

APIs and today’s digital treasury.

ACT Festival of Treasury Transformation | July 2020

Automating FX in the post COVID world.

What's next for your TMS?

Using SaaS platforms to deploy multi funder working capital solutions.

Closing keynote: Doing digital: lessons from leaders.

Interview with The Archbishop of Canterbury.

Closing keynote | Doing digital: lessons from leaders.

ACT International Treasury Week | May 2020

FRINGE TALK: A silver lining for Fintechs (Part III) - how Multinationals are dealing with national crisis funding.

FRINGE TALK: A silver lining for Fintechs (Part IV) - Fixed-term Funds: A better alternative to term deposits.

FRINGE TALK: A silver lining for fintechs (Part I) - commercial paper negotiation, issuance and resell.

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