ACT conference sessions and webinars

ACT Annual Conference and International Treasury Week | June 2021

Finding treasury enlightenment in tapped and untapped data.

Top strategies for preventing payments fraud.

The future economic system: crypto-assets and corporate treasury

How to successfully implement an open banking strategy

Machine learning: unlock the potential of your data 
Scaling up receivables forecasting with artificial intelligence at Danone North America.

Evolving towards a real-time treasury operation: considerations for treasurers.

Blockchain: the trust dilemma.

ISO 20022 payment format migration: important benefits and considerations for corporates.

ACT Middle East Treasury Summit | November 2020

Expediating the treasury of the future: What has been done?

Preparing your payment systems for the future.

Case study: building a treasury of the future.

Changing payment landscape: global themes and emerging regional payment systems.

Keynote Luncheon: Harnessing the Middle East’s Fintech potential in times of COVID-19.

ACT Annual Conference | October 2020

TMS technology corner.

SWIFT for corporates: The global treasury of the future.

Journey to automation: today and tomorrow.

Click and Connect to banks - Is this a pipe dream?

The tech-led way to mitigate FX risks: Automated FX risk management and hedge portfolio optimisation in practice.

Treasury technology: how to increase visibility and efficiency in risk management.

Accelerating the move to digital.

APIs and today’s digital treasury.

ACT Festival of Treasury Transformation | July 2020

Automating FX in the post COVID world.

What's next for your TMS?

Using SaaS platforms to deploy multi funder working capital solutions.

Closing keynote: Doing digital: lessons from leaders.

Interview with The Archbishop of Canterbury.

Closing keynote | Doing digital: lessons from leaders.

ACT International Treasury Week | May 2020

FRINGE TALK: A silver lining for Fintechs (Part III) - how Multinationals are dealing with national crisis funding.

FRINGE TALK: A silver lining for Fintechs (Part IV) - Fixed-term Funds: A better alternative to term deposits.

FRINGE TALK: A silver lining for fintechs (Part I) - commercial paper negotiation, issuance and resell.

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