Take a look at the draft two-day agenda below and stay tuned for exciting updates and speaker announcements. Subject to final confirmation. 

As we rebuild and grow from the pandemic, it’s essential to embrace the megatrends of the future in how we work, live and play, and of sustainability, resilience, and glocalisation. Treasurers need a growth mindset to achieve excellence and gain new rewards by tackling new risks and utilising new and innovative systems and processes. It is time for treasury tigers to build on their increased significance in crisis, to be bold and assertive and further play a strategic role at the centre of business, embracing new opportunities while tackling the challenges ahead. Join us for the comprehensive annual update that the ACT’s award-winning flagship conference is known to provide.

Day one

Tuesday 10 May 2022

08:30 Registration

Welcome and opening remarks from the ACT
Main auditorium

  • Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, Association of Corporate Treasurers

Opening keynote - NATO, Russia and lessons in leadership
Main auditorium 

At a time when relations between Russia and NATO are at a low, and there is devastation taking place during the conflict in Ukraine, General Sir Richard Shirreff CBE, former NATO Deputy Supreme Commander Europe, will be giving his thoughts and perspectives on the ever-changing current situation, along with sharing lessons he has learned in leadership over his extensive career.

  • General Sir Richard Shirreff, KCB, CBE
  • Facilitated by Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, Association of Corporate Treasurers

The world in 2022: The state of the UK and the international economy
Main auditorium

With high inflation, slowing growth, and increasing interest rates, the economy of UK, Europe and beyond is facing many challenges resulting from disruptions associated with the COVID pandemic recovery, along with Russia-Ukraine crisis impacts. This discussion with a panel of influential economists and academics will assess the big macroeconomic challenges of today and going forward, assessing what this means for treasurers and the corporate environment.

  • Dame Francis Cairncross
  • Trevor Williams
  • Facilitated by Declan Curry

Morning refreshments

Exhibition hall 


ACT student meet-up
Room 4A


Stage sessions

Choose between stages A, B, or C

Stage A
Hall 1B

Digital capital markets: the future of finance?

  • Philip Stewart, Director of Digital Capital Markets, NatWest
  • Christopher Agathangelou, Head of Digital Capital Markets & Flow Credit, NatWest
  • Nick Pedersen, Global Head of Digital, NatWest

Stage B
Hall 1C

2022: Back to the future

  • Jeavon Lolay, Head of Economics & Market Insight, Lloyds Bank
  • Abel Martins Alexandre, Head of Infrastructure, Energy and Industrials - Corporate & Institutional Coverage, Lloyds Bank
  • Niall Coakley, Co-head Corporate DCM and Rates, Lloyds Bank  
  • Facilitated by Sarah Boyce, Associate Director – Policy & Technical, Association of Corporate Treasurers

Stage C
Room 3B

Just because you can roar like a tiger, doesn’t make you a tiger: 
the importance of measurable actions, impact and outcomes

  • Andrew Steel, Global Head of Sustainable Finance, Sustainable Fitch




Exhibition hall

13:40 Silent theatre 
Exhibition hall

Introducing FX-as-a-Service: the evolution of currency management

  • Eric Huttman, CEO, MillTechFX


Silent theatre 
Exhibition hall

The key steps to driving cash positioning and achieving real-time cash visibility

  • Ben Beach, Global Head of Pre-sales for Treasury, Bottomline TreasuryXpress


Silent theatre 
Exhibition hall

Orbital - corporate treasury elevated

  • Luke Wingfield Digby, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Orbital


Stage sessions

Choose between stages D, E, or F

Stage D
Hall 1B

Changing supply chains and the impact on treasury activities

  • Shanella Rajanayagam, Trade Economist, Global Research, HSBC
  • David Ranson, Group Treasurer, Pentland
  • Facilitated by Naresh Aggarwal, Associate Director – Policy & Technical, Association of Corporate Treasurers

Stage E
Hall 1C

Sustainable finance: trends and pitfalls to consider when establishing a sustainable finance framework

  • Beth Burks, Director of Sustainable Finance, S&P Global Ratings
  • Dennis Sugrue, Senior Director, Global Insurance ESG Lead, S&P Global Ratings
  • Arthur Krebbers, Head of Sustainable Finance, Corporates NatWest Markets, Natwest
  • Facilitated by James Winterton, Associate Director – Policy & Technical, Association of Corporate Treasurers

Stage F
Room 3B

Business of Treasury 2022

  • Ian Chisholm, Group Treasurer, Grosvenor
  • Simon Neville, Advisor, Taulia; Council Member, ACT; Former Group Treasurer, Reckitt
  • Linda Williams, Group Treasurer, Meggitt
  • Facilitated by Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, Association of Corporate Treasurers

Afternoon refreshments

Exhibition hall 


Silent theatre 
Exhibition hall

Values-based leadership, Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, Association of Corporate Treasurers


Silent theatre 
Exhibition hall

ACT University partners students meet-up


Treasury labs

Choose between treasury labs 1-4.

Treasury lab 1
Room 3B

Open Banking – what are the practical opportunities for treasurers?

  • John Coker, Head of Products - Finance & Payments, BCA
  • Chris Graham, Group Head of Tax and Treasury, BCA
  • Laura McSkeane,     Product Manager, HSBC
  • Facilitated by Abbas Rana, Head of Payments Products for HSBC UK, HSBC

Treasury lab 2
Room 11A

Inflation: The Return of the Sabre Tooth Tiger

  • Derek Halpenny, Head of Research, Global Markets EMEA & International Securities, MUFG
  • Ben Griffiths, Director, Head of EMEA IBD Derivative Solutions, MUFG
  • Facilitated by Sarah Carroll, Managing Director, Global Multinationals, Corporate Banking at MUFG

Treasury lab 3
Room 11B

Treasury technology: Challenges and opportunities in FX risk management

  • Jack Duffy, Global Head, Solutions Consulting, ION
  • Mark O’Gorman, Corporate Advisor, Principles Consult


Treasury lab 4
Room 11C

M&A Treasury Integration – A corporate experience

  • Jack Counterman, Executive Director, Corporate Client Banking UK, J.P. Morgan
  • Diogo Fezas Vital, Vice President, Treasury & SSC Advisory, J.P. Morgan
  • Andrew Hutchinson, Treasurer, Diploma


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Treasury labs

Choose between treasury labs 5-8.

Treasury lab 5
Room 3B

Navigating FX risks in unprecedented times  

  • Lisa Dukes, Co-Founder, Dukes & King
  • Lucy Grimstead, Head of UK Corporate & Private Fund FX, NatWest
  • Andrew Ashford, Director, UK Corporate FX Sales, NatWest
  • Andy Kaufmann, Head of FX Structuring, NatWest
  • Kerry Mitchell, Risk Solutions Senior Manager, Wood

Treasury lab 6
Room 11A

Redefining short-term sustainable financing

  • Kevin Cook, Co-Founder & CEO, TreasurySpring
  • Sam Dodd, Digital Sales and Origination Manager, London Stock Exchange

Treasury lab 7
Room 11B

Implementation and international rollout of a SCF program in the chemical industry

  • Frank Reinhardt, Head of Corporate Finance & Insurance, Wacker Chemie
  • Facilitated by Anurag Chaudhary, CEO, Pinnacle Trade Finance 


Treasury lab 8
Room 11C

Turmoil in Europe: The impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on CEE and how UniCredit helps corporates weather the current situation 

  • Dan Bucsa, Chief CEE Economist, UniCredit
  • Sergio Ravich Calafell, Global Head of Corporate Treasury Sales, UniCredit


Networking drinks reception

Exhibition hall


Gala Dinner
Dress code: No need to change! Just join us straight after the first day of the event.

Liverpool Cathedral


Day two

Wednesday 11 May 2022


VIP Breakfast Panel hosted by BNP Paribas
For pre-registered corporate attendees only. 

Room 3B

Treasurers: the new net zero levers? 

•    James Rudolph, Group Treasurer, M&S
•    Jane Pilcher, Group Treasurer, Anglian Water
•    Donald McKenzie, Director of Corporate Finance, Metropolitan Thames Valley
•    Simon Gates, UK Head of Coverage, BNP Paribas
•    Facilitated by Sarisher Mann, Sustainable Finance Communications & Engagement Manager, BNP Paribas


Welcome to day two
Main Auditorium

  • Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, Association of Corporate Treasurers

Co-lead discussion: Supporting treasurers in the transition to responsible sustainability 
Main Auditorium

Bringing representatives of HSBC and NatWest with an industry expert, this discussion will explore a strategic vision for the role of treasury in supporting the just transition across their organisations. The treasurer can see across the organisation and most initiatives in the long-term transition require funding, leading the treasurer to have a unique role in supporting the drive to more sustainable business models. The discussion will also reflect on the experiences of different companies, variable by both sector and size. How can treasurers create the roadmap and how can banks support them in the just transition, both today and going forward? 

  • Robert King, Head of Sustainable Finance, HSBC
  • Gustavo Brianza, Managing Director, ESG Advisory, NatWest
  • Martina Tessari, Senior Manager – Europe, A4S
  • Facilitated by Naresh Aggarwal, Associate Director – Policy & Technical, Association of Corporate Treasurers
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Stage sessions

Choose between stages G, H, or I

Stage G
Hall 1B

How banks work with fintechs to deliver world-class solutions for corporates

  • Sebastian Niemeyer, Senior Director – Strategic Bank Partnership, Coupa
  • Martin Runow, Global Head of Payments & Digital, Barclays

Stage H
Hall 1C

What stagflation would mean for corporate ratings - implications for treasury teams

  • Suzanne Perry, Group Treasurer, RELX 
  • Peter Towner, Director, Corporate Finance, 2 Sisters Food
  • Alex Griffiths, Managing Director, Head of EMEA Corporate Ratings, Fitch Ratings

Stage J
Room 3B

The evolution of treasury to enterprise liquidity management

  • Bob Stark, VP, CMO, Kyriba
  • Philippe Henry, Executive Advisor to the board, Kyriba
  • Thomas Zink, Research Director, IDC Financial Insight
  • John Meehan, Head of Treasury, Froneri
  • Facilitated by Fiona Crisp, Past President, Association of Corporate Treasurers


Morning refreshments

Exhibition hall

10:50 ACT Future Leader's in Treasury meet and greet
Room 3A
11:00 Silent theatre 
Exhibition hall

ACT 2021-2022 qualified treasurers meet-up. Come along to meet your peers who have also recently qualified. 


Treasury labs

Choose between treasury labs 9-11.

Treasury lab 9
Room 11A

Data-driven decision making to increase profitability

  • Vilmos Lorincz, Managing Director, Data and Digital Products, Commercial Bank, Lloyds Bank
  • Zahra Sadry, Managing Director, Head of Consumer & Tech, Lloyds Bank



Treasury lab 10
Room 11B

Latest trends in cash management & forecasting

  • Nicolas Christiaen, Founder & CEO, Cashforce
  • James Kelly, Group Treasurer, Pearson


Treasury lab 11
Room 11C

An update from IMMFA

  • Veronica Iommi, Secretary-General, IMMFA (Institutional Money Market Fund Association) 
  • Facilitated by James Winterton, Associate Director – Policy & Technical, Association of Corporate Treasurers
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Treasury labs

Choose between treasury labs 12-14.

Treasury lab 12
Room 11A

Treasury recruitment: what is happening in the treasury recruitment market?

  • Rachel Crocker, Treasury, Brewer Morris
  • Martha Pierce, Head of Treasury, CFO Practice, Pure
  • Jessica Timelin, Operating Director, Corporate Services and Finance, Michael Page
  • Facilitated by Courtney Huggins, Director of Group Treasury, Canary Wharf Group

ACT Future Leaders in Treasury

Treasury lab 13
Room 11B

The benefits of a connected treasury and finance eco system: streamlining multiple finance technologies with one provider

  • Ben Beach, Global Head of Pre-sales for Treasury, Bottomline TreasuryXpress
  • Mark Wild, Global Head of Product, Bottomline TreasuryXpress
  • Tom Leitch, Director of Sales and Business Development – Treasury, Bottomline TreasuryXpress

Treasury lab 14
Room 11C

Supply chain finance – why it matters even more now

  • Eric Li, Head of Transaction Banking Research, Coalition Greenwich


Exhibition hall


Silent theatre 
Exhibition hall

A prioritisation framework for efficient working

  • Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, Association of Corporate Treasurers

Silent theatre 
Exhibition hall

How embedded banking drives better business decisions

  • Robert Fillmore, Vice President Europe, FISPAN



Treasury labs

Choose between treasury labs 15-17.

Treasury lab 15
Room 11A

Modernising Shell’s dividend distributions

  • Paul Vos, Senior Manager Structured Finance, Shell
  • Grant Robinson, Global Finance Manager, Holdings, Risk & Corporate Reporting, Shell

Treasury lab 16
Room 11B

Democratising and Diversifying Debt Capital Markets

  • Stacey Parsons, Head of Fixed Income, Winterflood Securities 
  • Elena Chimonides, Fixed Income Product Specialist, London Stock Exchange. 
  • Thomas Capon, Chair, City Future
  • Francia Acosta Saltos, Policy Advisor, City Future

City Future

Treasury lab 17
Room 11C

Climate risk: quantifying your organisation’s exposure

  • Ed Woolcock, Managing Consultant, Climate Resilience & Strategy, Marsh

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Treasury labs

Choose between treasury labs 18-20.

Treasury lab 18
Room 11A

Fighting the scourge of modern slavery in the UK

Dr. Viri Chauhan, MD, Themis Knowledge
Facilitated by Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, Association of Corporate Treasurers


Treasury lab 19
Room 11B

Faster payments for payroll: how to keep up with peers

  • Ian Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer, Income Group
  • Barry Crawford, Chief Operating Officer, Income Group 
  • Facilitated by Naresh Aggarwal, Associate Director – Policy & Technical, Association of Corporate Treasurers

Income Group

Treasury lab 20
Room 11C

Rising rates and repo - what the corporate treasurer needs to know?

  • Darren Wilson, Vice President, Business Development, Funding and Collateral Solutions, State Street


Afternoon refreshments

Exhibition hall


Afternoon keynote: Lessons from a former female fighter pilot
Main Auditorium

Mandy Hickson was one of the first female pilots to serve in a front-line Tornado GR4 squadron, playing an active role in the conflict in Iraq. She will be drawing from over 20 years of service to provide insights on personal and strategic lessons learned, leadership, teamwork, and the communication required to define and realise specific goals in high-pressure situations.

  • Mandy Hickson
  • Facilitated by Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, Association of Corporate Treasurers

Closing remarks
Main Auditorium

  • Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, Association of Corporate Treasurers
16:05 Close of conference

This event has now passed

ACT Annual Conference 2022

10-11 May
ACC Liverpool
Liverpool, UK

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