ACT Cash Management Conference 2022
ACT Cash Management Conference 2022 - Agenda

Join us for a day of practical discussion, real-life case studies, and demonstrations, showcasing best practices on this year's theme: digital payment strategies for a digital age. Please take a look at the draft agenda below and continue to visit this page for future updates and announcements.

Digital payment strategies for a digital age

Tuesday 29 March 2022.


Registration and breakfast networking


Welcome remarks

Sarah Boyce, Associate Director, Policy & Technical, ACT  


Opening keynote: UK economic outlook

As the UK faces a formidable cost of living crisis challenge, it is still battling the compounding effects of Brexit and the pandemic. It remains unclear how well households will be able to weather the fall in their real income and policymakers are treading carefully for the best way out of two evils, recession and inflation. We see the Bank of England end its tightening cycle once interest rates reach 1% in April, with the focus gradually shifting away from inflation towards risks of recession. If energy and food inflation remain that elevated, the government may eventually be forced into announced more support for struggling households.

Fabrice Montagné, Managing Director, Chief UK & Senior European Economist, Barclays 


Keynote panel: Trends and vision in cash management and payments

A panel of industry experts discuss investment, cash structuring, regulatory reform and the potential impacts on the way corporates are doing business now and in the future.

Bente Salt, Group Treasurer, Rentokil
Yera Hagopian, Managing Director, Head of Liquidity Services, Barclays 
Jeremy Johnson, Group Treasurer, Mitsubishi Capital

Martin Runow, Global Head of Payments and Digital, Barclays


Morning networking break

Breakout sessions


Breakout 1: Business partnering to deliver a sustainable cash forecast

This session will look at the role of digitalisation in cash reporting, forecasting and analysis and how it empowers treasurers and the team with real-time cash insights. 

Conor Deegan, Co-Founder & CEO, CashAnalytics
Naresh Aggarwal, Associate Director, Policy & Technical, ACT 

Breakout 2: The rise of ESG integration in cash investment

  • What are the driving forces?
  • Key considerations when investing in ESG cash investment 
  • How ESG factors can help improve short and long term risk mitigation

Craig Inches, Head of Rates and Cash, Royal London Asset Management
Kevin Cook, Co-founder & CEO, TreasurySpring 

James Winterton, Associate Director, Policy & Technical, ACT


Payment fraud prevention and cybersecurity

This session presents why fraud occurs and the top three threats affecting corporates - CEO impersonation, change of payee account details, and malware/ransomware. Join us to understand the risks, how you can protect yourself, and the role of the Confirmation of Payee industry initiative in the fight against Authorised Push Payment Fraud (aka scams).

Chris Cooper, Senior Fraud Manager, Barclays


Lunch break


ISO20022 for corporates and its implication 

This session is looking at the impact of migrating to ISO 20022 on corporates. We will discuss the potential benefits and challenges that corporates will face and the support that banking partners can provide.

Matt Gorman, Treasury Middle Office Manager, Computershare 

Ross Jones, Head of High Value Payments, Barclays



A quick-fire session from a FinTech company with an innovative and fresh cash management solutions. 

Giles Hutson, Chief Executive Officer, Insignis Cash Solutions


FX payments and managing invisible FX

Most corporate treasuries have done a good job of eliminating the margins on high-value cross-currency payments through the use of ECNs, FX platforms and shopping around key FX players. They tend to have a minimum threshold above which cross-currency payments are considered a ‘trade’ and are booked via the central treasury team. However, cross-currency payments below that threshold, usually low-value but high volume, often fall into the ‘black hole’ in terms of price transparency – the ‘invisible FX’. We discuss how to identify this FX and what is the most efficient way to manage them.

Christof Nelischer, Head of Treasury, John Lewis Partnership
Sat Khuntia, Global Head of Sales, Transactional FX, Barclays


Afternoon break

Corporate case studies


Cash management challenges: A conversation with a treasurer

During a fireside chat, we'll hear from Tariq Kazi how a social housing organisation like his looks at payments and the challenges they face being regulated.

Tariq Kazi, Head of Treasury, Optivo
Naresh Aggarwal, Associate Director, Policy & Technical, ACT


Closing keynote panel: The future of payments

The payment industry is in the midst of a significant transformation, accelerated by multiple global events. What regulatory and technology changes do treasurers need to look out for in 2022 and beyond? What do treasurers need to prepare with the aim of navigating the digital payments matrix? This panel will be joined by key stakeholders in the payments industry to explore the key trends that are shaping the future of payments. 

Mark Streather, Policy Manager, Bank of England 

Karen Braithwaite, Managing Director, Global Head, Transaction Banking, Barclays
Naresh Aggarwal, Associate Director, Policy & Technical, ACT

Caroline Stockmann, Chief Executive, ACT


Closing remarks 

Sarah Boyce, Associate Director, Policy & Technical, ACT  


Drinks reception


End of event


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The ACT Cash Management Conference will return as a live event on 29 March 2022 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London.

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