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The challenge – to sell solutions not products

A major global bank was undergoing a transformation project, which aimed to drive up capability and effectiveness within its business development teams.

The three core strategic drivers were:

  • the requirement for substantial growth in business
  • a cultural shift to selling solutions to customers problems
  • to make the bank a trusted advisor

In order to facilitate this, it was necessary to support the team’s ability to demonstrate a deep understanding of their clients' businesses and improve the quality of the conversations with treasurers.

The solution – to understand the business and the treasurer

We felt that in order to build credibility and rapport with treasurers, it was important to build the business development team’s knowledge of how different kinds of business have a different approach to financing and banks; how credit risk affects bank relationships, and about how treasurers manage their bank relationships and choose banks.

We designed a programme that combined theory, discussions and exercises with case studies from several different sectors and delivered a highly successful two-day programme in a number of global locations to over 65 business development managers and directors.

Performance outcome – what does success look like?

The definitions of success for this programme were two-fold:

1. behavioural change from the team, specifically the ability:

  • to understand clients’ needs
  • to demonstrate an understanding of their client’s business and priorities from their perspective
  • to ask tough questions objectively of the client

2. success for the bank, specifically:

  • better retention of clients and better margins for the business
  • consistently understood messages aligned to the clients’ problems
  • shift to trusted advisor status
  • better understanding of the local and/or international client footprint
  • increased market share and profitably

The results – the return on investment

Post course evaluation of the programme demonstrated a distinct improvement in the quality of conversations with clients resulting in a significant amount of new business won as a direct result of change in behaviour by the business development team

The participants provided feedback directly after the course and three weeks later in order to capture the behavioural change in practice.

Feedback from the three week course evaluation:
 The program was a great opportunity for us to learn how to move from ‘selling products’ to ‘creating solutions’ for our clients by addressing efficiently the client's needs in a global approach.  
 It gave us the relevant analytical tools to play the "Advisory role" by understanding the role of a treasurer, his challenges and requirements in term of financing solutions.  
 We reviewed all the risks (financial, economic and operational) that a company could face which will allow us to fine-tune our commercial offer and better understand the client's activity.  
 The trainer shared his knowledge perfectly with all the participants and answered to all our questions. He successfully created a safe environment where all the participants felt very comfortable to ask questions.  
  I really appreciated the group discussions held during the training which allowed us to share my experience and view on different topics with all the participants. I highly recommend this training.  
 Following the course, I was more confident in the marketing call as I had researched some of the issues the company is facing.  
 Understanding that we must compete not on what we sell but how we sell.  
 Understanding the concerns and rationale of the corporate treasurer. 
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