ACT Festival of Treasury Transformation 2021

Join us for three interactive days with individual themes: transforming payments, transforming operations, and transforming mindsets. Each day has been given a subtheme for a more focused discussion.

Please take a look at the draft agenda below and continue to visit this page for future updates and announcements. Times shown are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Day one

Tuesday 23 November 2021

Transforming payments


Welcome and opening address 


Keynote address - a transformational story



Bank as a service (BaaS): the shift to real-time payments 

A technical yet practical session to examine the increasing relevance of APIs and cloud-based service models for real-time payments processing, while exploring the benefits of real-time payments for banks and their customers, from both an operational and business perspective. 


Unveiling the mystery of cross-border payments

How are cross-border payments being transformed, and how can SWIFT gpi, Visa and Mastercard solutions improve speed, transparency and completion of payments? 


How does treasury build a payments solution for 2030?

  • What is changing in the payments infrastructure in the UK and overseas, and how can corporates benefit from this?
  • What are the trends in payments: account to account, debit vs credit cards, role of procurement and T&E cards?
  • What are the opportunities for treasury functions and organisations? 

Digital currency


Digital assets in 2021 and beyond


Industry debate: is it time to take central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) seriously? 


Day two

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Transforming operations


Welcome and opening address

Cash management


Smarter ways to achieve global cash visibility 

A discussion with a panel of three corporate banks to showcase their cash visibility dashboards, and demonstrate how a corporate can build their own solution. 


Harnessing technology to optimise the use of cash in the business 

Three vendors begin with 10-minute presentations on how their technology solutions enhance cash flow management and forecasting for corporates, followed by an interactive roundtable discussion led by an ACT moderator. 


Leadership insights: a strategic framework for successful risk/crisis management 

An interview with a CEO and a CFO/Group Treasurer.

Treasury management systems (TMS)


Ask the expert: what are the true benefits and ROI of a treasury management system?

An interactive session consisting of two group discussions, followed by a fireside chat between a corporate treasurer and a treasury expert. 

Group A: How do treasurers justify a business case for a TMS?

  • How can a TMS be effectively integrated into other existing systems? 
  • How to sell the value proposition to the CFO and other stakeholders? 

Group B: Is this TMS the right fit for my organisation?

  • How does a cross-functional TMS work? 
  • How can a TMS be better connected with banking partners’ technology advancements, such as through APIs? 


Techtalks: next generation TMS

Three ten-minute quick-fire sessions from FinTech companies with innovative and fresh TMS solutions, followed by 15 minutes of live Q&A.

  • SaaS 
  • Cloud-based
  • On the premises


Powering treasury with a cost-effective TMS 

Exploring how a TMS can be used effectively as part of an overall technology landscape that includes separate ERP and payments solutions.


Day three

Thursday 25 November 2021

Transforming mindsets


Welcome and opening address

Data and reporting


Building a future-proofed data-driven treasury 

A fireside chat with a data management expert.


Improving sustainability through ESG transparency

Major regulatory advancements regarding sustainability-related disclosures are taking place across the globe. In order to facilitate the link between treasury and ESG activities, corporate treasurers need to access and collect a large amount of ESG data.

  • What are the key challenges in the process of accessing an adequate quantity of data, and verifying the reliability and comparability of this data?
  • What is the role of technology in ESG data collection and reporting?
  • How can corporates build an ESG data framework? 


Effective ways to reduce the effort and paperwork involved in dealing with banks 

  • Using technology solutions to manage the opening and closing of bank accounts
  • Tools to update signatories on bank mandates
  • Tools to manage bank-standard settlement instructions (SSIs) and Master Vendor payment files
  • Digital identities to make KYC/KYC processes more streamlined

Risk management


The new paradigm in FX risk management 

Economic and political uncertainties are placing increasing pressure on corporate treasurers across the globe. This session will showcase advanced automated hedging solutions that can help identify FX risks in AP and AR ledgers, and allow companies to create their own rules to decide what needs hedging. 


Reframing risk management for the 2020s and beyond

Since the start of the global pandemic, many more treasurers are taking leading roles as the authority on enterprise risk management (ERM). In addition to the core mandate of risk management in treasury (namely FX risk, interest-rate risk, operational risk, and counterparty risk):

  • What other areas should treasurers consider when creating a view of total ERM across an organisation?
  • What tools do treasurers need to effectively mitigate those risks?
  • Will risk management take centre stage for treasury in 2030? 

Business and behavioural skills


Shaping the next generation of treasury teams

As treasurers’ roles continue to evolve, the demand for talent with cross-functional skills, including technological, operational and ‘soft skills', has increased. Given technological transformation:

  • What technical skills do treasury professionals need?
  • What advice would a Group Treasurer give to the younger generation coming up through their treasury career?
  • How will technology affect the treasury role and what changes are expected because of it?


Closing keynote: Learning from the best in strategic transformation

Looking at the government’s future tech strategy.


Watch anytime, from anywhere.

Fintech corner:

  • Blockchain explained and its application to payments
  • Digital currencies – help or hype?


  • How existing funding processes are being digitalised
  • The use of Smart Contracts

Learning and Development Zone:

  • A treasurer’s role in combatting cyber risk and fraud 

Treasury 101:

  • From data to reporting and insights - an introductory session on data visualisation tools (Tableau, Power Bi)

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