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Past webinars

All of our webinars go on-demand after the live stream and are free to watch at a time that suits you.  

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ACT Webinar: Political and geopolitical volatility - how to forecast the credit outlook for the year ahead
29 November
What should treasurers consider when planning for the year to come? How will the current volatility affect your scenario planning and budgeting for 2023?
ACT Webinar: Cash investments amid rising rates, economic slowdown and market volatility
23 November
Join us for a live discussion with Fitch Ratings on cash investments amid rising rates, economic slowdown and market volatility.
ACT Webinar: Operating in a high-inflation, high interest-rate environment: experiences of established treasurers
14 November
Treasurers today are operating in a new economic environment of high interest rates and high inflation. In this specially extended webinar, discover what treasurers of today need to know, and how their strategies need to change to reflect the new context.
ACT Webinar: The impact of the gas supply crisis on non-financial corporates
12 October
As we quickly approach the winter of 2022, what should corporate treasurers keep in mind as the impact of the crisis takes hold?
ACT Webinar - The Cash-Smart Treasury: identify, protect and grow in volatile times
29 September
Explore how you can utilise technology, via treasury analytics, including APIs, AI and business intelligence, to better forecast, reconcile, and mobilise liquidity across your enterprise.
ACT Webinar - The global minimum tax: what it means for treasurers
22 June
This free webinar in association with PwC took place on 22 June 2022. Watch the recording for insights into what global minimum tax means for treasurers.
ACT Webinar - The evolving ESG regulatory landscape – an update for corporate treasurers
26 April
This webinar, in association with Sustainable Fitch, took place on Tuesday 26 April, and gave an update on ESG key themes and trends for 2022, along with new regulations and reporting standards.
ACT Webinar - Sustainable finance - what is the role of a credit ratings agency?
30 March
This webinar, in association with S&P Global Ratings, took place on Wednesday 30 March, and explored the role that credit rating agencies play in the current sustainable finance environment.
ACT Webinar - Automation is out, integration is in: achieving a connected financial office through treasury.
24 February
This webinar, in association with Bottomline TreasuryXpress, took place on Thursday 24 February, and explored how you can achieve a connected financial office through treasury.
Treasury and Apprenticeships – what, why and how
United Kingdom 8 February
In this webinar, the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) and Kaplan will talk about the role of treasury, why it is such a critical role in 2022, how treasury and banks complement each other and


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