Increasing engagement through upskilling

My mother always said, “life is short, and our learning journey is long”. I took this to mean that continued development would always be necessary to keep up to speed with a fast-paced and changing environment.

Those who keep up with transformation and development are the people who will ultimately remain up-to-speed with a continuously changing world. Zanders, the ACT’s training partner for A-Z of Corporate Treasury course recently stated that “This speed of change is our new reality and it won’t slow down.”

How do you then keep yourself and your business relevant? The answer is to train your team and if you are an employee, ensure that you have the skills needed to grow within your company. I order to know this, critically assess your skills and knowledge, ask yourself where your strengths and weaknesses are. Talk to people you trust in your organisation, who may be able to provide you with guidance, to help you understand your skillset objectively. This is a good character trait, as it is a sign of strength and determination.

The Good Governance Institute is an organisation that focuses on building engagement through learning and development.  They remark that – “upskilling your workforce contributes to a well-managed, well-led and well-governed, robust and resilient organisation.” Jaco Marais, their festival Director has said “our individual health, wealth and organisation wellbeing depends on the strength of our connections”. Do not be afraid to ask for help, your company culture should encourage a learning and development atmosphere open to all employees.

Take a step towards increased engagement with your work and company by upskilling yourself. By doing this, you are demonstrating a proactive use of your time and increasing your value to the organisation. A supportive company culture will have better employer retention, creating a community of learners. It is mutually beneficial and creates a supportive and successful environment furthermore promoting a positive and inclusive company culture.

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